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Your journey to wellness begins with a personalized health assessment

Health Assessment ~ $150

This hour allows Renee to hear your desires and concerns and to determine how your body is functioning. She can assess if you are burning fat efficiently, have a sluggish metabolism and determine whether you are properly digesting, absorbing and eliminating.

She will listen to your needs and take into consideration your age, likes / dislikes, allergies, activity level and other factors, then decide on a personalized program tailor made just for you.

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Personalized Program ~ $300

This two hour appointment includes an education component, personalized menus and supplement recommendations. You will learn about proteins, fats and carbohydrates, what they do in the body and how much YOU need. She will teach you about blood sugar and insulin and how to get your fat storage hormone back in balance. You will learn about proper digestion and elimination, PH balance, boosting your metabolism and creating a healthy body composition.

This education includes personalized menus and supplement recommendations.

Follow up Appointments ~ $100

These weekly 3/4 hour support sessions provide helpful information, motivation and inspiration! Each week you will meet with Renee and have your support session tailored to fit your needs. From motivation to menu planning you will receive everything you need to reach your health goals.

Follow up topics include dining out (comes with a dining out guide), body typing and exercise tips, how to read the nutrition label, cleanse and detox, a fat flush to break plateaus and enhance fat loss, lifestyle maintenance and more!  All the tools you will need for success.

6 Week Total Body Make Over ~ $800

The ideal program for someone who would like to lose 10-15 lbs.
Includes the Health Assessment
Personalized Program
5  half-hour weekly follow ups

Programs Available:

Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Hormone Balance, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Digestive Issues, IBS, Pain and Inflammation, as well as Vegetarian and Vegan, Child and Teen Nutrition and Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition and Optimum Performance

I am turning 60 years old this year and I have never felt this good in my entire life!”


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