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Dear Renee,

Thank you so much for all your help. After I had my baby (2 1/2years) I tried several things to lose weight and nothing seemed to work. I was eating really healthy and exercising 5-6 days a week with no change in my body. After we met, you knew right away what I was doing wrong. I started your program and lost 1-2 pounds a week (a total of 16 pounds).  I have more energy, my face and eyes have a different look and I feel and look wonderful.

On top of all that, I found out some things weren't working correct in my body like insulin production and gluten intolerance.

So thank you so much for all the time you spent with me. Thank you for all of your advice. Now I know that eating healthy is not necessarily dieting.


Before                   After



want to thank you so much for helping me lose weight and teaching me how to eat healthy for my body type.

I’ve lost 11 pounds (which is a lot for my 5’2” frame) and feel AMAZING!!

While I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and healthy eating, I learned so much!! I learned my body type, what areas my body needed some help, and how supplements and a specific way of eating would affect me.

I feel that I have a good handle on how to maintain my weight going forward and how to lose more weight if wanted. The Metagenics supplements are awesome!! I have received so many compliments from friends, family and co-workers. It feels so good to wear clothes I haven’t been able to fit into in a long time! My focus now will be on exercising and doing some toning up.

Thank you again for everything and I will see you in 6 months!


Before                   After



Words cannot express how thankful I am to have been given the tools & motivation I needed to lose weight! I started this journey when I became a Fitness Elite member in January 2010 and signed up for a nutritional session with you. When I met you I was extremely overweight, had developed ulcer problems, was wearing a size 20 pant size and a 2X top in the plus size section, and was not comfortable or happy with how I looked in my 240 pound body. Not only did I want to lose weight, but also I had to in order to fit into a bridesmaid’s dress for a wedding on September 18, 2010.

When you told me “I could do this,” I believed you! Each week we set attainable goals and when they were reached we celebrated each week by jumping up and down, hugging, and crying- happy tears! You are a great friend, coach, and motivator in helping keep me on track. Every 10 pounds has been a great celebration. The good news is the bridesmaid’s dress fits, but I now have to get it taken in! After meeting you, you gave me the inspiration to challenge myself and maintain a plan that accommodated my lifestyle. My goal was to be able to lose 50 pounds by September 18, 2010. It is now September 4, 2010 and I have lost 52 pounds! I’m early in meeting my goal and ready to keep losing to get to my ultimate goal!

After trying Weight Watchers four times, Jenny Craig twice, Curves and 24-hour fitness, I had little faith in trying anything else! Renee, you have changed my life dramatically and I’m so thankful for what you’ve given me. I not only feel wonderful but I look fabulous! I enjoy staying active, eating right and I feel confident. What has helped me keep going is that fact that I can’t afford to go back to what I was-physically, mentally, emotionally, financially — nothing is worth being overweight!

I look forward to continuing on this exciting journey with you and can’t wait to see more results.

I now weigh 188 pounds, wear a size 14 pants, large top and am proud of it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!


Before                   After


This is the before and after picture of my beautiful client Marissa. She has lost over 40 lbs with me and continues on her journey towards optimal health. When I met Marissa she didn't exercise at all. Now, she is running a marathon to support a friend with cancer. Marissa has completely changed her life and feels amazing!

Marissa grew up on a typical Mexican diet with a history of obesity in her family. I educated her and changed her diet and the results happened so quickly.

We also supported her adrenals which increased her energy, speed up her fat burning and balanced her hormones with the help of our patented medical grade supplements. Marissa is a beautiful woman both inside and out and I am so proud of her and so glad to be both her nutritionist and cheerleader!


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How can I thank you? Meeting you and deciding to sign up for 6 weeks of nutritional and wellness guidance has been one of the most important and life-changing decisions I have made since I moved to California - no - actually since having my 3 kids!

In the past six weeks I have lost 15 pounds, but more importantly I feel like I finally understand how my body uses and needs food and supplements, what type of exercise is best for my body type and how to make good food decisions. As I have told my husband many times, this is NOT a “diet.” I truly feel that I have changed my lifestyle for the better and I am able to extend that to my family as well. Understanding how to eat has left me feeling satisfied, fit, energized, healthy and strong. And I am enjoying and reveling in the flavors of healthy, fresh food!

When we lived in Chicago, my shopping cart at the grocery store was full of boxes, packages and frozen meals. (Though I thought I was making “healthy choices” because the packaging said so! :) ) Now my cart is filled with produce, lean protein and other beautiful fresh foods that I love!

I had three kids pretty close together and my baby is now 8 months old. Since my last pregnancy, I had trouble losing the weight, especially around my middle. Now, not only is the weight coming off, but my skin looks better, my eyes are brighter and I have more energy! I have been able to start exercising more regularly because I have more energy and I feel great.

Thank you, Renee! These past 6 weeks have been amazing and I can’t wait to continue to this path towards good health into the future. I would recommend your services to anyone!


Before                   After


I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve given me in the battle to get my metabolism and body back in balance.


You also taught me the secrets of boosting my metabolism through proper diet and exercise, how the body utilizes the foods I eat, proper eating and nutrition guidelines, and how to keep those pounds off!  – HELEN

I cannot thank you enough. You have helped me so much! I had reached a point where I thought I was going to have to live with my sudden and unexplained weight gain because I was over 50. Out of desperation, I made the call to you and even with our first conversation over the phone you gave me hope.  – DEBI

Thanks to you I feel great, look great and I have more energy.  – ANGI

Your explanations made everything easily understood and the plan was much easier to follow than I expected it to be. I actually enjoyed changing my eating habits.  – CHARLEEN

After many attempts and frustrating failures to lose weight and keep it off, I finally decided that I needed some support and guidance to achieve my goals. How lucky and fortunate I was to have found Renee!  – IRINI

I am writing today to thank you for giving me back my life.  – MELISSE

Renee has been my coach, my inspiration and my cheerleader. She offers wisdom and encouragement every step of the way and has truly been the reason for my success.  – JOY

After one week of listening to your instructions I completely ceased having indigestion and acid reflux.  – KEVIN

Your wisdom and weekly support has truly changed my eating habits for life!  – JODY

I just wanted to tell you how much better I feel and look since I have been on your plan. The diet plan and supplements you prescribed specifically for me have really improved my overall health and well being.  – PEGGY

The journey you have taken me on was and continues to be incredible! Many years of strenuous exercising and eating foods that I thought were helping me to lose weight were, in fact, only adding unwanted weight and inches, especially around my middle.  – MARY

With your diet I was able to get off sugar and feel healthy. No more cravings for unhealthy food!  – LAURA

I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling to lose any amount of weight and who wants to feel strong, energized and healthy.  – MARLENE

Since consulting with you and following your lifestyle food, exercise and well-being program I have not had a single allergic episode. Not so much as one hive. This is life altering for me and I have felt so empowered.  – MARY

I wanted to thank you for all of your help and support through these past few months. Coming to you office every week is one of the things I look forward to on my calendar.  – TINA

When my friends ask me how I’m losing weight, I recommend your services. I hope others will find out how helpful you and your program can be.  – TRACY

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